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About Us and What We Do

Since 1994 the BLUERADISHGROUP (BRG) has been serving up food in the heart of midtown Manhattan, throughout the tri-state area and Chicago. In the beginning BRG was a collection of several fast casual, stand-alone retail shops, featuring breakfast and lunch with locations in some of the most prominent addresses in NYC including 666 5th Ave and 1290 Avenue of the Americas, just to name a couple. In addition to our retail shops, BRG built and operated several commercial kitchens in and around NYC and Chicago. These focused on our corporate catering, wholesale and virtual restaurant businesses. As an industry leader in the virtual restaurant business, we were one of the first to develop and operate more than a dozen brands from multiple commercial kitchens. BRG managed to secure a strong foothold in the food industry and continues to expand.


Transforming Food Spaces

BLUERADISHGROUP will continue to lease and build stand-alone stores and work with property owners & developers to create and operate food spaces that deliver real food and powerful experiences within or alongside retail establishments, or as an amenity. When we kick off planning for a new space, we are very focused on creating a memorable experience in a dynamic and visually inspiring environment.

Authentic food of good provenance, and a clear sense of local tastes...

From Concept to Reality

Authentic food of good provenance, and a clear sense of local tastes, culture, and history are the tenets that guide us through every step of the process. Made-to-order meals with locally influenced flavors, raise the bar for flavor and innovative presentation, we call this informed hospitality. Combining local and regional purveyors, delicious food, bespoke interior design and overall great customer service is our recipe for creating memorable go-to destinations. 

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